Are Aftermarket Windshields a Safe Choice?

When it comes to replacing a windshield, many customers have questions about the glass that will be used for the job. Aftermarket windshields are more affordable than OEM auto glass and are easy to access and find. They are available everywhere, including local stores in your area. But is it safe to use aftermarket windshields?OEM windshields are guaranteed to meet the standards of the windshield originally installed in the car.

The ExoShield GT3 is a layered windshield protective film that combines a flexible shock-absorbing layer with a patented nanoceramic hard layer to provide impact resistance six times greater than that of a conventional windshield. If you want to know even more about ADAS and the associated windshield replacement costs, we have everything you need: check out our post on the subject right here. OEM replacement windshields have exactly the same specifications as the original windows, so there won't be any changes to the glass itself that the ADA has to endure, making you and other drivers safer on the road. This means that when you need to change it, you will receive a windshield that guarantees a perfect fit and the right thickness, in addition to all the integrated technology with which your vehicle left the assembly line. More and more car manufacturers are recommending that, if you change the windshield, you opt for an original equipment manufacturer, unless you are okay with losing the vehicle's warranty. Aftermarket windshields may have several names, but the most commonly used in the industry are ARG (aftermarket replacement glass) and OEE (equivalent to original equipment).

It turns out that even though the car was only several years old, its windshield has already been replaced several times. So, is it safe to use aftermarket windshields? The answer is yes. Aftermarket windshields are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards and provide an excellent fit for your vehicle. They also come with a warranty and can be installed quickly and easily. However, it's important to note that if you choose an aftermarket windshield, you may lose your vehicle's warranty. In conclusion, aftermarket windshields can be a safe choice for replacing your vehicle's glass.

They are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards and come with a warranty. However, it's important to keep in mind that if you choose an aftermarket windshield, you may lose your vehicle's warranty.