Does My Car Warranty Cover Windshield Crack?

In general, car warranties do not cover windshields as they are considered to be wear items, such as brake pads, tires, and batteries. However, you can claim accidental damage caused by a chipped or cracked windshield through your vehicle's insurance policy, which may cover you. There are certain circumstances that may be an exception. For example, if the windshield wasn't manufactured properly and cracked due to regular daily use, it could be covered.

On the other hand, if the windshield was cracked by road debris, which is the most common way windshield damage can occur, it wouldn't usually be covered. As the windshield is often classified as a “worn out” element, comprehensive warranties don't usually cover them. A couple of examples of car warranties that cover windshields include comprehensive car warranties and bumper-to-bumper warranties. However, warranty providers can void these warranties if windshields crack or break due to certain conditions, such as negligent driving.

When looking for a lower price for your windshield replacement, it is best to compare prices with at least 3 local windshield companies. Some states (Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and South Carolina) require insurance companies to allow people with anti-compression insurance to pay for the replacement of an additional windshield with no deductible in their policies. If you have comprehensive insurance with companies like GEICO or Progressive, you may be able to replace the windshield with coverage. The first usually covers parts and the replacement of different parts, excluding items such as tires, wipers, and brake pads.

We've rounded up the top 5 insurance companies besides USAA to see if they cover windshield replacement. From experience, SafeLite is a good option for a basic price and then you can request a quote from three other local windshield stores. Liberty Mutual follows a comprehensive coverage model for windshield replacement like the other insurers on this list. State Farm doesn't seem to have a uniform policy but they will replace your windshield free of charge if it is damaged.