Is My Windshield Properly Installed? How to Tell

It's not always easy to tell if your windshield has been properly installed. When you look at your windshield in full sunlight, it should appear smooth and free of blemishes. If you notice any wavy patterns, light distortion, spots, or blurred vision while driving, these are signs that the glass is of poor quality and the installation may not have been done correctly. Additionally, if the technicians who replaced the windshield didn't wear gloves during installation, the oils from their hands may have been transferred to the glass. Driving the vehicle immediately after changing the windshield can weaken the adhesion and cause cracks.

If you suspect that your windshield is improperly installed, it's important to contact an auto windshield replacement company as soon as possible. For a replacement windshield to securely adhere to the vehicle's chassis, its urethane coating must be completely clean. A qualified and experienced windshield replacement specialist can examine your car's glass and tell you if it's properly installed. The windshield replacement process usually takes an hour, but the adhesive takes a few hours to dry. This is why it's important to wait for the adhesive to dry before driving your vehicle.