How Long Does a Windshield Warranty Last?

Warranty coverage for windshields varies, with 90 days being the average for replacement, chip repair, or other glass repair. This is the minimum you should expect from a certified professional installer. Generally, car warranties do not cover cracked or damaged windshields, although there are certain exceptions. For instance, if the windshield was not manufactured correctly and cracked due to regular use, it may be covered. However, if the windshield was cracked by road debris - the most common cause of windshield damage - it is usually not included in the warranty.

This is because the windshield is often classified as a “worn out” element, similar to brake pads, tires, and safety belts. Even comprehensive warranties may not cover them. Allstate offers windshield repair coverage if you have comprehensive coverage, although your deductible will still apply and you'll need to file a claim. When I had an issue with my windshield, I started with SafeLite for a basic price and then requested quotes from three other local windshield stores. Car warranties may only provide the option to repair or replace the windshield if the damage was caused by you, such as if it was due to a manufacturing error or material defect. Car owners can save money on expensive repairs by fixing small chips on their windshields.

From my experience, the best way to get a lower price on your windshield is to compare prices with at least three local windshield companies. That's why it's important to always find out what type of warranty your windshield repair service offers. State Farm will cover the cost of replacing and repairing your windshield if you have comprehensive coverage with them. Finally, if your car's windshield has a large crack, it may be best to tow the vehicle to a repair shop. If the windshield broke on its own due to an issue with the chassis, you may need to file a claim if your windshield is covered by an extended warranty.

The limited warranty does not usually cover all types of damage or repairs related to replacing your car's windshield. Be sure to check out the details about windshield replacement or statements about cracked windshields to help you determine what your warranty covers.