What is Windshield Warranty and How to Get the Best Price for Your Repair

When it comes to car maintenance, a windshield warranty is an important factor to consider. It guarantees that any damage or repair to the windshield installed in your car will be covered. This includes a warranty for the seal and other parts used in the installation. But what does a warranty actually guarantee? Generally, it promises that the crack or chip you have repaired will not spread or enlarge under normal circumstances. For the most part, a car warranty won't cover a cracked or damaged windshield.

However, there are certain exceptions. For example, this could be covered if the windshield wasn't manufactured properly and cracked due to regular daily use. If the windshield were cracked by road debris, which is the most common way windshield damage can occur, it usually wouldn't be covered. This is because the windshield is often classified as a “worn out” element, much like brake pads, tires, and safety belts, and even comprehensive warranties don't usually cover them. If the windshield broke on its own, perhaps because the chassis was not manufactured properly, you may have a chance that your windshield is a part covered by the extended warranty.

Allstate covers your windshield repair if you have comprehensive coverage, although your deductible will still apply and you'll have to file a claim. You definitely don't want to have to pay for additional repairs just a few days or even a few weeks after your windshield has been fixed. Some auto glass repair shops may not offer warranty coverage to replace windshields or rear windows if they find rust around the frame that houses the glass. To get the best price for your repair, it's best to compare quotes from at least three local windshield companies. From experience, this is the best way to get a lower price for your windshield.