Why Are Some Windshields More Expensive Than Others?

It's a fact that applies to all vehicles, not just luxury ones: in general, the larger the windshield, the more it costs to produce. The differences in price by size aren't too drastic (in the case of consumer vehicles), but it's still an additional cost factor. The automotive glass industry is constantly improving the design, function, and innovation of automotive glass to increase safety. The manufacture of automotive glass requires raw materials such as limestone and sand, the cost of extraction and refining of which is rising. This means that consumers are bearing the brunt of these costs, which is another reason for the rise in auto glass replacement prices.

Some windshields have unique features, such as automatic windshield wipers and digital screen tinting. These features are expensive to replace due to their complexity. If you choose high-end models with these features, you can expect to pay more than for standard windshields. While there are sensors throughout the car that increase repair costs, the rising cost of replacing the windshield is especially surprising (and painful) for most drivers. With the improvement of technology and the design of new car models, there is a need for innovative approaches to automotive repair and maintenance services, including windshield replacement.If your vehicle is equipped with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) technologies, such as adaptive cruise control or lane maintenance, not only will you have to pay to replace the windshield, but you will also have to pay for a technician to recalibrate the cameras and sensors located behind it.

If you're going to replace the windshield with a very new vehicle (one that's only been on the market for a couple of months), you might not be able to find a replacement windshield in the aftermarket because other suppliers probably haven't started manufacturing it yet. Windshield replacement is one of the most common insurance claims drivers file, and depending on where you live, a damaged windshield can be all too familiar to you. A typical windshield replacement can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more, depending on what you drive, the type of technologies your vehicle is equipped with, and whether or not your insurance covers windshield replacement. Replacing the windshield of an entirely new vehicle that just arrived at dealers is likely to cost much more than usual, since the supply of windshields is scarce. Keep in mind that most experts agree that the seal and quality of your original windshield can never be reproduced, even if you choose to pay for an original windshield glass. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshields are manufactured by your vehicle manufacturer and will look as similar as possible to the original windshield. To get real estimates of windshield repair costs, Forbes Home surveyed four of the top glass suppliers for basic quotes.

Repairing your windshield as soon as you see a rock, chip, or crack can help you avoid a more expensive replacement. If your vehicle has heating elements integrated into the windshield (something popular with some luxury brands), the cost of the windshield will increase. Given its importance, repairing or replacing a damaged windshield should be a top priority. This reduces the chance of it breaking (for example, ExoShield reduces the chance of damaging it by 6 times). The best way to protect yourself from a costly and unexpected windshield replacement expense is to simply protect your windshield.