Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Replacements

Replacing a windshield doesn't have to be a long and arduous process. In fact, the whole process can take as little as an hour. However, there are a few factors that can affect the amount of time it takes to replace a windshield, such as temperature and humidity, the make and model of the car, and the type of adhesive used. For your safety and that of other drivers, it's best to have your windshield repaired or replaced as soon as it's damaged.

Unless you really know what you're doing, replacing your vehicle's windshield isn't exactly a DIY job. It's best to take your car to a garage close to your house or the accident area. Once you've decided on a garage, the most important part is letting the urethane dry completely so you can drive with maximum safety. Here are some of the steps you should take to make sure you don't damage your windshield again through negligence:

  • Check for visible scars, chips, or cracks after replacing the windshield.
  • Leave the window open before parking your car.
If you can't repair the damage, you'll need to make an appointment and change the windshield completely to make sure there's no danger to the driver or people traveling in the car while you're driving.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about windshield replacements and have the peace of mind that this is a quick repair that can make a big difference to your safety on the road.